Cohort Outtake: ChevyVan Gen1 (1964-1966) Is It A Four Holer?

Chevrolet van 1965 s

The first generation ChevyVan does have a few things in common with that Honey Bucket, starting with the fact that they’re both shitboxes. Ok, I can think of some other things too. But one thing it doesn’t have in common is the number of holes. Honey Buckets are pretty exclusively singles. But the ChevyVan came either as four-holer or six-holer. Yup, the little Chevy II 153 CID (2.5 L) four was available in these, but I wonder what the take rate was. And if any still exist.

Chevrolet van 1965 f

The ChevyVan appeared in 1964 as a rude and crude replacement for the very different Corvair Greenbrier/Corvan. Strictly speaking, there was a bit of overlap with the Corvair vans, but the writing was on the wall (as it was with the Corvair). The ChevyVan was in the Ford Econoline mold, meaning a tinny unibody box with the engine between the seats in its box, and with primitive cart axles on both ends suspended by leaf springs. And GM had the gall to call the passenger version “SportsVan”. Yup, real sporty indeed, especially with the 90 hp four. I’m surprised there wasn’t an SS version.  ActuallyMike posted this at the Cohort, so we can assume it was in the Seattle area. And we’ll also assume it has a six; either the 194 or 230.