Cohort Outtake: Citroen 2CV Station Wagon – Gangsterentenbreak

Citroen 2CV wagon ffq

This custom 2CV wagon has been waiting patiently for CC’s Wagon Week, but it just can’t wait any longer. R L Elliott posted it at the Cohort, and it is decidedly a one-off, with a new front end and rear section.

Citroen 2CV wagon side

Bit it’s rather convincing; one could readily imagine a 2CV Break; in fact it’s almost surprising there wasn’t one. The was of course the Fourgonnette van, which became a cult classic. But that’s not a true break, as this one is.

Citroen 2CV wagon int

The interior has also been upgraded, including an air bag.

Citroen 2CV wagon rr

On the back is a bit of an explanation, including that it was named “Gangsterentenbreak” (meaning: Gangster Duck Station Wagon; the 2CV is commonly called “Die Ente” in Germany).