From The Cohort: Citroen 2CV Fourgonnette – The Origins Of A Huge Class Of Small Euro-Vans, Including The Ford Transit Connect

ëCitroen 2CV AK fq

Compact, passenger-car based utility/passenger vans have become a significant segment of the European market. They do double duty by working as compact trucks/cargo vans, as well as hauling families in the passenger versions. The Renault Kangoo really helped explode the market segment a couple of decades ago, and a representative finally arrived in the U.S. as the Ford TC. And this is the grand daddy of them all: the  Citroën 2CV “Fourgonnette”. It immediately filled an important niche when it arrived in 1951, two years after the 2CV sedan (CC here). And beginning in 1968, used ones became the hippie-mobile of choice, the European alternative to the VW bus. The cool thing to do back then was to buy one of these and then traverse North Africa in it.

Citroen 2CV AK rq

There was just barely enough room in the back to crash there (and carry the essentials needed for such a journey, although the extra gas cans and spare tires usually rode in an overloaded roof carrier).

That Guy 1960 shot this one in Washington, far from home–but I suspect its world-wandering days are probably over.