Cohort Outtake: Doesn’t 4-4-2 Stand for Four Doors? Depends on the Year

Old GM A-Bodies are like a blank palette from which every sort of variation and permutation eventually will emerge. More typically, the coupes get dressed up, whether in original clothes or not. But something about this Cutlass Supreme four-door hardtop with a vinyl roof and the 442-ish racing stripes on the trunk caught not only my attention, but that of CC Cohort Blue387, who shot it in Brooklyn, NY.

Of course, there really was a genuine 4-4-2 four-door–just not in 1970, or whatever year this one isn’t.

In 1964, the 4-4-2 package was available on any non-wagon F-85 V8–but without a 400-cu in engine, since Olds had to toe the GM line limiting engines in mid-size cars to 330 cu in.. The 310-hp Jetfire Rocket had 330 cubes; thus, the first “4” signified a four-barrel carb; the second “4” meant a four-speed transmission; and the “2” stood for dual exhausts. Never seen one; probably never will.