Cohort Outtake: Towing Fintail Might Get Towed

Mercedes 220S towing fq

I just had a chance to peruse the CC Cohort for the first time since getting back; what a motherlode of finds. But this old Mercedes 220S fintail hitched up to a twin axle trailer, posted by our intrepid Bryce, caught my eye. Well, I can see why it caught Bryce’s too, as he also tows with his even older Hillman Minx. Birds of a feather…and they both have little winglets in back. Of course, the warning sign about cars being towed if (presumably) parked here illegally only adds to the flavor of this shot. Would a tow truck try to tow this road train?

Mercedes 220S towing rq

The fintail’s swing axles are showing a bit of negative camber, even if it is Mercedes’ rather unique single-low-pivot variation that was designed to minimize camber changes. The W111 was the first sedan that used it; I think the 1957 300SL Roadster first pioneered that design. Mercedes stuck with it until the early 70s, when the W116 finally did away with it.