Cohort Outtake: Ford Consul Cortina Mk1- The Beginning Of The Cortina Era

Seeing this shot of a Mk1 Cortina posted at the Cohort by Bowen/flat black 66, I would love to do it justice with a proper CC, and I’m still kicking myself for letting one get away last time we were in Palo Alto. But I’ll have to invoke the expression “Not tonight, dear(s)”.  So it’s going to be a quickie, or a little foreplay, for the most important car Ford of Europe built in its long history. Where’s the justice in that?

The Mk1 Cortina kicked off a formula that would propel Ford to dominance in this class. And during the seventies and through 1981, it was the number one selling car in the UK. It was finally replaced by the rather radical Sierra in 1983, and folks had a hard time adjusting after so many years of the good old boxy Cortina. And the Cortina enjoyed a decent sales success in the US too, until it was pushed aside by the Pinto, which borrowed heavily from it (except the boxy body, of course). This Mk1 started the Cortina wave, back in 1962. So I guess its life was only two decades; it just seems like it was much longer.

So we get to the Cortina’s end way too soon, but at least it’s in living color now.