Cohort Outtake: Good Call On Those Wheels

Chevrolet 1966 Impala 427 fq

One of our favorite rants here is the choice of wheels found on so many cars from the sixties (or later) other than stock. Yes, one would expect a mean looking 427 ’66 Impala coupe to be sporting some 20″ billets, if not the ubiquitous silver Rally wheels. But these aren’t exactly the “stock” bare wheels and dog dishes either.

Chevrolet 1966 Impala 427 crop

It’s a bit hard to make out, but these are the 15″ ventilated/slotted wheels that came with the optional disc brakes, starting in 1967. Essentially, they were the same wheel as the Rally, but painted body color and with a very small little hubcap that looked right out out of the thirties. I’ve seen a few other Chevys with these in more recent years. But back in the day, the only time I ever saw them was on police cars; specifically the ’68s that Baltimore County bought. Pathetically, disc brakes weren’t even available on the ’66s, so they’re not exactly “stock” in any sense of the word on this mean-looking Impala. But it sure beats the alternatives.

Chevrolet 1966 Impala 427 r

And the tires are of course at least three times as wide as the pathetic undersize tires that came standard on Chevys back then (rant on that subject here).