Cohort Outtake: Honda CR-Z And Insight

Honda Insight and CR-Z

I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for this very combination of cars, but no luck so far. runningonfumes found them, and they make a a nice study in Honda’s two-passenger hybrids. I was very harsh on the CR-Z when it came out, calling it an “obese baby seal”, and comparing it to the AMC Gremlin. That might have been a bit over the top, but does tend to look front heavy, especially in dark colors.

And it certainly hasn’t been a sales success, stuck near the bottom of the charts since pretty much forever. Looking at Honda’s sales stats, through April 31 of 2013, only 1596  CR-Zs have found a home this year. But surprisingly, that’s even more than the current Insight, which really tumbled (from a low base), and found only 1552 buyers. OK; time to take that hat off and put on the CC hat. How about the original Insight? It was never a big seller, but it was cool in its day, with its ultra-light construction and 60 mpg capability. I know Steve Lang loved his.