Cohort Outtake: The Slow and Non-Furious VW

VW Customized

I noticed this over-the-top custom VW at the Cohort a few days ago, shot in Chicago by Joseph Dennis. But today’s post by Gerardo about the wholesale defacement of Japanese cars due to the Fast and Furious phenomena reminded me how many other fads there have been like that before, including the great VW Fever that really peaked in 70s. Just like every old Ford was once fodder for the hot rod/custom crowd, so every old or junkyard VW  was cut up into something else, or adorned with an endless variety of custom parts that were being churned out by a whole industry geared just to VWs. I’m not sure if this is a “restoration”  or whether this stuff is still being sold, but either way, it’s quite the period piece.