Cohort Outtake: Tow Rig; European Style

Toyota Land Cruiser tow rig

Wonder how Europeans tow their big boats without a giant Ford F350? This Toyota Land Cruiser pickup looks positively petite in front of that fat boat, and has a 3 liter diesel, I presume. But it’s willing, ready and (presumably) able.

Toyota Land Cruiser tow rig 2

I have learned that the reason tow ratings in Europe are generally higher than in the US is because speeds are more severely restricted there, and thus a smaller percentage of the trailer weight is allowed to be on the hitch than the 10% in the US. If the LC could get this rig up to the 70 mph (113 kmh) speed limit allowed for towing trailers in some states (Texas, for example), I would be a wee bit worried about its stability.


Shot at the Danube in Vienna and posted at the Cohort by T-Minor