Cohort Outtake: Twin Tempos – Why Try Anything New?


Some people know exactly what they like, and I can easily imagine that these two Tempos belong to the same person.  Both facelifted 1986/1987 models with two-tone paint, they represent a very particular taste; why else would they be posed in the same spot for nifty43’s camera? 

If one of these is a rare 4WD model, it would be among the rarest CCs ever caught on film; we’ll never know, but both appear to be LXs.  By 1987, the Tempo already seemed long in the tooth, despite only being in its third year of production.  I doubt anyone would’ve imagined their continuation until 1994, but like their owner, Ford wasn’t going to be trying anything new in this segment for quite a while.  After all, they were otherwise cranking out some of the most up to date domestic cars at that point, and after some radical change after years of static engineering, it seems they’d gotten their fill of “change” for the time being.  Luckily, Jack Telnack’s design would wear well as these two still handily demonstrate.

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