On The Go Outtake: GMC Envoy XUV – Xtra Unsaleable Vehicle

CC 235 012 1200

Seeing a Studebaker Wagonaire with a tall refrigerator standing upright in its open-top rear cargo area at the NATMUS museum this weekend reminded me of this Envoy XUV I had shot just the week before. Given that the Wagonaire hardly was a big success, it’s a bit surprising that GM decided to make something similar.

CC 235 013 1200

FWIW, the XUV was a bit more practical than the Wagonaire, as its rear compartment could be sealed off from the passenger compartment, and the load area was waterproof. Not so on the Wagonaire.

Studebaker Wagonaire load

I didn’t take a shot of the Wagonaire with the fridge in it, but it was like this.


I figured for sure I’d be able to find a shot of an Envoy XUV with a fridge in the back too, but no such luck. About as much luck GMC had in selling these; some 12,000 did find homes in 2004, less than a third of what was projected. Production ended early in MY 2005.

CC 1963 Studebaker Wagonaire