Cohort Outtake: Two American Independent Start-Ups Sharing An Intimate Moment

Tesla and DeLorean 1

I’ve been waiting for just this shot to appear, and here it is, in such a grand setting no less. A Tesla Models S and a DeLorean DMC-12, having a little chat about what it’s like to try to carve out a successful niche as an independent car company in America. Yes, the DeLorean was built in Northern Ireland (due to a massive subsidy), but its market was the US.  But then their respective stories are different in just about every other way too.

Tesla and DeLorean

Passin’Gas caught these two on Wolfback Ridge, which is just above Hwy 101 overlooking Sausalito and San Francisco Bay, down there in the fog somewhere. Tesla sold almost as many Model S sedans in the fourth quarter of 2013 (6,900) as DeLorean did in its whole existence (9,200), so in terms of their relative success, there’s not much to share.