Cohort Outtake: Vauxhall Firenza Coupe – Modest; A Bit Too Much So

Vauxhall Firenza coupe

Now this is not a two-door sedan, despite being a very-low trim version. The Firenza (1970-1975) was the name given to this new coupe body style of the Vauxhall Viva HC, which was sold in Canada as the Firenza (CC here). The Firenza coupe was a rather sad and late response to the runaway success of the Ford Capri. Opel responded with the much more ambitiously-styled Manta, but Vauxhall just came up with a new roof-line, and one that was hardly very original.

Opel kadett A _coupe_002

The close-coupled coupe roof on the Firenza harks back to similar approaches at GM going back to the 1960.5 Corvair Monza coupe, and more recently (and closer to home) the Kadett A coupe (above).

Poor Vauxhall never did get any kind of coupe roof on its version of the Kadett, the Viva, until this modest one in 1970. And the Firenza didn’t have a shot at the Capri, so the coupe went away in 1975. So this blue one found and shot by Swiss Tea is a rare find.