Cohort Outtakes: 1964 Bel Air SS And Other Goodies

Cohort lot 1

There’s lots of new finds at the Cohort, but this one posted by channaher caught my eye, given our musings this weekend about how the F-250 Ranger came to be. OK, slapping an SS badge on a Bel Air or Biscayne isn’t quite the same, but let’s just say that folks have been creating their unique variants for quite a long time.

Cohort lot2

Here’s a closer look at that Bel Air SS rear quarter. And is there a 230 inch six under the hood? Don’t laugh; Super Sports did come with the six standard. Here’s some more fine iron sitting outside Bubba’s East Coast Rods & Customs:

Cohort lot3

Quite the eclectic mix. That Dodge panel delivery has a strong pull for me.

Cohort lot 4

I know which of these JPC would reach for.

Cohort lot 5

Here’s another fine Dodge hardtop from ten years earlier.

Cohort lot 6

Oooohhh; an Eldorado ragtop (I think it’s a real one). Anything here turn your crank?