Cohort Sighting: 1932 Lincoln KB V12 – The Swansong Of The Classic Era

Lincoln 1932 fq

How about a Lincoln from the Great Classic Era, to complement today’s Brougham Era CC? 1932 was a milestone year for so many cars, as almost all of them showed the influence of the Aerodynamic Era by 1933. But the swan song of the classic era was truly spectacular, regardless of whether it was a ’32 Ford or Chevy, or their big brothers, the ’32 Lincoln KB and the V16 Cadillac. dpertuz found this magnificent six-window sedan at curb in downtown Chicago, and posted it at the Cohort.

Lincoln 1932 r

In 1932, Lincoln had two models, the V8 KA, and the V12 KB. I’m quite certain this is a KB, but I make no guarantees. Either way, it’s a one of the most desirable Lincolns. The KA was powered by a 125 hp 385 CID V8 , and the KB had a new 448 CID V12 rated at 150 hp (update: not the problematic small V12 as used in the Zephyr and the early Continentals. This was an excellent high-quality engine, but very large and heavy). It was a response to the superb Cadillac V16 and the Packard V12. Needless to say, the arrival of these magnificent cars in the early years of the Great Depression was unfortunate. The Cadillac V16 had a short run, and the big Lincoln V12 stuck it out through 1940, although in very small numbers. What a way to go.