Cohort Sighting: 1937 Chrysler Imperial Town Car – Walter Chrysler’s Chrysler; Restored and Unrestored

Chrysler 1937 Imperial

This unusual Chrysler Town Car posted by LesabreToothTiger caught my eye as I was perusing the Cohort. Little did I realize that Walter Chrysler had this car designed and built to his specifications by LeBaron. But not for himself; some sources say for his wife, others for his daughter Bernice. Either way, Walter did right by the women in his life.

This splendid Town Car sit on a 140″ wheelbase chassis, and sat in the Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum until 2006, when it was sold and restored by its new owner. But not before he displayed it in its original condition, and pondered whether to keep it that way.

Chrysler 1937 _Imperial_Custom_Town_Car

here’s how it looked in 2012. There was a fair bit ov controversy about whether this one-off car in totally originally condition should be preserved in its “patinated” state, or be restored. Well, the outcome is evident. For what it’s worth, that’s not my idea of “good” patina. So I’m not really sorry to see it in its restored splendor, although preservationists have a point: it will never be original again.