Cohort Sighting: 1947 Chrysler Town and Country – The Termite Taxi

Chrysler TC 1947 rq

Good timing for this old woodie Town and Country to appear on the Cohort (by roadabr). Just yesterday, I saw Dick Romm driving his splendidly gleaming ’46 T&C, the one I caught on the curb two years ago. It makes quite the contrast to the woodwork of this one.

Chrysler TC 1847 fq

Obviously, the owner of this one likes his the way it is, patina, weathered wood, old stickers and all. If the patina on the front fender keeps growing, it will look like it’s made of wood too. Maybe that’s he goal.

Chrysler TC 1947

Word Perfect? These stickers do go back a ways.

Chrysler TC 1947 r

Hopefully not.

Chrysler TC 1947 s

This is quite a find, one I would have been thrilled to see myself.

CC 175 003 1200

But the restored woodwork of Dick’s ’46 glistening in the sun as I saw him come the other way yesterday made me appreciate its splendor, and what a treat it was to shoot and write it up.

1946 Chrysler T&C: A Slave to Fashion and Varnish