Cohort Sighting: 1955 Hudson Wasp – Hash, Anyone?

Hudson Wasp side(jmg3rd posted these shots at the Cohort)

(first posted 4/21/2013)     1955 marked the first year of Hudsons wearing Nash bodies after their merger, referred to as “Hashes”. It was a relatively much more successful mashup then the truly pathetic 1956-1957’s, the end of the road for Hudsons. (We did the full “Hash” story here). The short story is that this Wasp has a Nash114.3″ wb Nash Statesman body, but the 202 little Hudson six engine, a highly undersquare design with a 3″ bore and 4.75″ stroke.

Hudson Wasp 1955 fq

Hudson had no other choice: they squandered their last cash reserves on that ill-fated little toad of a compact, the Jet. George Mason, Nash’s visionary boss, scooped up the remnants of Hudson, and hoped to move on to the next step, merging with recently-merged Packard-Studebaker, to create a truly formidable Big Number Four.


The ’55 Hashes were palatable enough, but Ed Anderson, the rather uneven Design Chief at AMC, did a rather horrendous job on the ’56s, with what was called “V-Line Styling”.


I’d say it was more like “Joker” styling.

1956 Hudson CC here