Cohort Sighting: 1962 Studebaker Champ – Has It Had A Little Cosmetic Surgery To Ease The Eye Pain?

Studebaker Champ 1962 fq

Since a number of you expressed that you’d never seen a Studebaker pickup before, here’s the version that replaced the one in the CC the other day. Obviously, the new-for 1960 Champ used the Lark’s front half, and the rear half was courtesy of Dodge, beginning with the 1961 model. The first year 1960 still used the previous generation’s stepside bed. Which of course explains why the two don’t exactly match up. But when you’re Studebaker, and things aren’t exactly looking rosy, you do what needs to be done, until you don’t anymore. And the result was an obvious mis-match. But this example doesn’t show that so much. There’s something odd going on here…

Studebaker Champ 1962 rq

This one’s bed does not stick out on the sides past the cab like it should. Here’s a couple of pictures of how they originally looked:

Studebaker 63_champ

It’s all-too obvious even in their ads.

 Studebaker 61champ-dm01a

And in this shot. So has the one that ggh06 shot and posted at the cohort been the beneficiary of some expensive cosmetic surgery? I can’t help but to assume so. Oh, the price of vanity!

Champ CC here