Cohort Sighting: 1965 Buick Skylark–Very Ap-peel-ing


GM’s first intermediates –the 1964-67 Chevelle, Tempest/LeMans, F85/Cutlass, and  Special/Skylark–were well-proportioned and appealing automobiles. The hardtop coupes shared an elegant roof that pushed the A-body’s appeal right over the top. No A-body wore it better than Buick’s Skylark. Flickr user mistergreen (who has commented here as chrisgreencar) recently came upon this 1965 Skylark and shared it on the Curbside Classic Cohort.

Buick Skylark

What makes this Skylark even more appealing to me is that it’s an unrestored original. Just look at that gloriously eroded paint.


Maybe such things are more common in Southern California where this car was found. But out here in frigid Siberia the Midwest, cars that stay on the road rust from the bottom up and turn to powder long before they reach their 48th birthday. So seeing an old Skylark with such signs of continued use makes this Indiana boy swoon.