Cohort Sighting: 1967 Mercury Cougar – Not At The Sign Of The Cat

BigOldChryslers has posted a raft of pictures at the Cohort, including this nicely groomed Cougar: That’s a nice pussy cat. The question is the exact breeding of this cat, as it seems to have some qualities that weren’t quite part of the 1967 Cougar family: hood pins, hood scoops and spoiler. I seem to remember those bells and whistles mostly arriving in 1968, with the XR-G and GTE. So why wouldn’t someone adorn their big cat with a few trinkets? Obviously none at all. At least they didn’t go overboard, like with a rhinestone collar.

Before I forget; BigOldChrysler stated that he shot this feline at “Crappy Tires”. Just curious: is that a euphemism, or?