Cohort Sighting: 1967 Pontiac Catalina Two-Door Sedan – Bring On The Love

Pontiac Catalina 1967

(first posted 2/25/2013)     What’s the trick to having your shot posted at the Cohort selected for the big stage? Here’s one of them:

Make it one of a full-size, two-door sedan from the later years of its existence, like this shot of a fine 1967 Catalina two-door in the next-to-last year it was available–and in white, no less, with dog dishes and blackwall tires. Yes! The only thing missing is a shot of the interior to see if there’s three-on-the knee. We know it’s got the 400 cu in V8; no sixes for big Pontiacs, not even the OHC six. Wouldn’t be right, somehow. Great find by Hugo90.