Cohort Sighting: 1970 AMC Ambassador – Are You Sure That’s Not An Australian Car Of Some Sort?

AMC Ambassador 1970

Seeing this RHD Amby shot in Australia (by john875) creates that same sort of parallel-universe effect induced by lots of Australian cars.  Is this one really an American car? It has all the hallmarks of so many Australian Fords, Holdens and Chryslers of the seventies; obviously, it started as a mid-sized car that had its front end stretched to create an impression of greater prestige. Also, the roof line has been updated to look more like contemporary big American cars, and the grille is a bit odd. It all works reasonably well enough, but it’s pretty obvious this didn’t originate in Bill Mitchell’s studios. Are we sure this isn’t a Chrysler Valiant CH? Or a Fairlane ZXGLQ?