Cohort Sighting: 1970 Mustang – Stripper Edition

Mustang 1970 stripper

Since we’re on the theme of stripper Fords, dressed up or not, LeSabrethoothTiger posted this bare-bones 1970 Mustang at the Cohort, and it reminded me just how relatively common these were back in the day. It’s refreshing to still see one now, although I don’t know about/remember those wheel covers. Are they the right ones for this year? Anyway, this needs the standard dog dishes to make the look complete. I remember the interiors on these too: all black, hard, and dreary, quite unlike the earlier Mustangs.

Which brings up an interesting point: The first generation Mustang (1965-1966) just never looked like a stripper, even in its most basic configuration. No dog dishes on those.

Mustang 1964.5 -02-03

It was a different concept to start with, more like the Japanese cars that came well-equipped within a few years. The Mustang had no external differences in trim, unless one got the GT package. Every one looked…Unexpectedly well trimmed. OK, the white walls were optional.