Cohort Sighting: 1973 Ford Consul – The Rare German Equivalent Of The Custom 500

Ford D 1973 Consul fq

Despite its rather dull and dreary appearance, this Ford consul posted at the Cohort by Hannes (r0b0tr10t) grabbed me. Why? I had totally forgotten that there ever was a German Ford Consul, since that name was always associated with Ford UK middle-class cars. But here it is, a European Ford Custom 500 equivalent, a low-power (1.7 L 75hp), low-trim poor version of the European Ford Granada (no relation to the American Granada) that was offered in Germany for all of three year (1972-1975)s. It’s sitting here next to its predecessor, the Ford 17M. Well, that could be a 20M….but somebody likes these old German Ford two-door sedans.

Ford D 1973 Consul

 Hannes said this is a 1.7 L 75 hp version, which almost undoubtedly means that these still had the Cologne V4 engine. I might have suspected that they’d switched to the more modern OHC inline four by then, but my memory of these cars is getting decidedly fuzzy. But what is clear is that these cars served the same kind of role that American low-line cars like the Biscayne, Custom and Fury I did: the biggest room for the buck. Which of course appealed mainly to working-class folks with kids. Just don’t expect it to drive like a BMW.

After its three-year run, the Consul name was dropped and a low-end version of the Granada took over its role. Right about the same time the Custom disappeared on the NA market. Name inflation strikes again.