Cohort Sighting: 1973 Lincoln Town Car – The Van Antidote; But What’s Up With The Slanting Eyelids?


Lincoln 1973 TC fr

Getting a bit vanned out? Here’s the ultimate van antidote, in terms of space utilization and a few other important aspects. William Rubano posted some nice shots of this big baby at the Cohort. But what caught my eye was the slanting eyelids. That does look a bit weird.

Lincoln 1973 TC front end

Obviously, the eyelids aren’t dropping down evenly on both sides. I wonder how hard it would be to fix that, a little cosmetic surgery. It would go along way from keeping this Lincoln looking a bit more proud than goofy.

Lincoln 1973 google front

Out of curiosity, I did a google search and found others with the same malady. This is not the same car, despite the similar paint.

Lincoln 1973 TC rq

No drooping issues back here, despite the massive overhang.

Lincoln 1973 TC sf

Ain’t that a beaut? I could look at that for hours. Driving? Not so much so given that most of my driving is either for short in-town errands or on backwoods roads. Just not the right car for that. Now a trip across Nebraska would be appealing.