Cohort Sighting: 1988 Yugo – Still Going In Spain

I’m endlessly surprised that I haven’t found a Yugo in Eugene. It just doesn’t seem right somehow, as we have all the qualities needed to keep one going forever: mild climate, and plenty of the kind of eccentric folks (“Yugo-slaves”?) who would make it their mission to adopt and care for one. But we are Yugo-less.

Not so Madrid. Our car-spotter in Spain, coopey, found this on the street. Here’s his commentary:

Witnessing the crash of a comet would be easier than spotting one of these in this zone. Or so I thought until that innocent stroll. If this ain’t a survivor then the concept hasn’t been well defined.

It’s amazing a few of them managed to get here even their range was fairly reduced. The 55 was the mid-version, with the already old 1.1 petrol engine producing the output that gave the name to the car. The side mirror on the door instead of on the window gives this unit away as a yet early one. Factory side graphics and sporty side skirts or bumpers should mean it’s the “luxurious” GL trim level.

But what’s funnier is that this Yugo was registered in the mid ’90s in Galicia, in the Northwestern edge of the country. Quite a travel it made, probably to hide from rust. And it looks like its mission has been well accomplished. I found this Yugo in Barajas.

BTW, our full biting story of the Yugo’s visit to American can be found here: Yugo: The Joke’s On U.S.