Cohort Sighting: AMC Pacer – The Racer Pacer

AMC Pacer sfq

We just can’t have a CC AMC Week without the Pacer making an appearance, even if it is more honorary than in-depth. We’ve got two Pacer stories in the archives; my usual dry approach in the Pacer X CC, and Ric Wayman’s light-hearted reminiscence of his former Pacer. But when A. Bear posted these shots of a Pacer dressed up as a racer, we couldn’t resist. We’ll just keep it short (and sweet and wide).

AMC Pacer racing f

Mr. Bear says this Pacer was found in East LA, and he was particularly smitten by its hood decor. Since this is obviously an early Pacer (’75-’76), that dragon is guarding either the standard 232 CID six (3.8L) or the optional 258 six (4.2 L). A 304 V8 came along in 1977, along with a lip-lifted front grille.

AMC Pascer racing r

By now, you know the Pacer story as well as I do, and I’m starting to experience a bit of AMC overload back here, so I’m going to just get out of the way. Have at it.