Cohort Sighting: Aston Martin Lagonda Series II – In Vivid Color

Aston Martin Lagonda green int

It’s already past bed time, but as I took a quick last cruise through the Cohort—which is chock-full of fantastic cars—this picture stopped me in my tracks, and had a very anti-soporific effect. Wow; my retinas are sizzling. The Great Brougham Epoch comes to Newport, Pagnell? This may be the first time I put the interior of a car first in a post. Be prepared for the exterior; it’s just as zingy.

In addition to the wild colors and a very bold folded-paper design by William Townes, the 1976 Lagonda was the world’s first car to use computer management and digital LED instruments and touch pad controls, but needless to say, very few of those are still functioning. Allegedly, the development of its electronics cost three times as much as the rest of the car. And they proved to be profoundly unreliable.

Aston Martin Lagonda green

Only 645 Lagondas were built over a twelve year run and numerous Series. With a Chrysler Torqueflite backing up the big AM  5.3 L DOHC V8, performance was brisk for the times, with a supposed 149 mph top speed. Fuel economy rarely ever broke out of the single digits. But its buyers probably didn’t care, given that the Lagonda’s price was right up there in Rolls Royce territory.

This appears to be a Series 2 Lagonda, delivered between 1979 and 1985. I’ve never seen one in this color scheme; if I had, I certainly wouldn’t have forgotten it. And I’m going to wake up in the morning wondering about that wild green Lagonda I dreamed about last night. It couldn’t have been for real.