Cohort Sighting: Auto Union 1000SP – Der Baby Thunderbird

Auto Union 1000 SP r

Let’s dig some more into r0b0tr10t’s treasure trove at the Cohort. Here’s a car that was a rare sight even during the time of its production, the Auto Union 1000SP coupe. As we saw the other day with the DKW Junior, the stylists at Auto Union were obviously Ford-O-Philes, from the 1955 era in particular. The 1000SP appeared in 1958, just long enough to transpose the 1955 T-Bird’s styling unto the AU 1000’s chassis.  But no Continental spare here!

 Auto Union 1000 SP f

Of course, the roof is lacking in that fat C-Pillar, but then Germans wouldn’t put up with such crappy visibility, eh? In 1961, a cabriolet version joined the coupe in the lineup. They were built as late as 1965, making them the final variants of a venerable line that dated way back to the F89 in the early postwar years. The 981 cc three-cylinder two-stroke was massaged to 55 hp, giving the 1000SP a top speed of 140 kmh (87 mph).

Here’s the full DKW-Auto Union story

auto union-1000-sp-coupé-08