Cohort Sighting: Cadillac Brougham On The Race Track (And A Note To The Cohort)

Cadillac Brougham 1999

This post started out as a note to the Cohort to let you know you have not been forgotten. There’s been a deluge of fantastic cars posted recently, and I (and perhaps others) will try to get to the most interesting ones asap. Keep in mind that I tend to pick cars that we have not done before, or at least in quite a while. And if you include some text to go along with a car, that will increase the chances of it getting posted even more. Now about this car…

I decided to randomly pick the very latest Cohort picture for this post, and it is a car we haven’t done yet. I’ve got a fat-boy Brougham shot, but not one on the racetrack. LDeren posted it, and here’s his comment/explanation:  Used as a mobile starting gate at the 2012 Fryeburg Fair Harness Race. The car is equipped with these metal wings, which are kept extended before the start of the race and the horses line up behind it. When the car passes the starting line the wings fold and the car accelerate and pulls off.