Cohort Sighting: Chrysler by Chrysler (AUS) Motorhome – Living Area Not By Chrysler

Chrysler AUS motorhome fr

Our intrepid man in NewZealand, Bryce, is a prolific Cohort poster, and this unusual rig caught my eye. He tagged it a “Chrysler by Chrysler” but he didn’t identify what series Chrysler by Chrysler this one is. And I’m a bit perplexed, as a Gooogle search for all three series (CH, CJ, CK), all have a complete loop bumper. Bryce; next time tell us what you’re posting! I can’t readily identify these. (Update: it’s actually a Valiant VJ)   But whatever it is, it’s  a slick motorhome conversion, with twin rear axles no less.

Chrysler AUS motorhome side

Check it out; what a fine job. I’m assuming it’s home made. These Chryslers by Chrysler (gotta’ love that name) were powered either by the so-called “Hemi” 265 inline six (it most decidedly did not have a hemi head), ot the 360 CID LA V8. I’m assuming that’s more likely what’s under this one’s very fuselage-ish hood.

Chrysler AUS motorhome rq

A very nicely done motorhome, even if it’s not by Chrysler.