Cohort Sighting: Chrysler Valiant VG – “Hemi” Six Power

Chrysler AUS Valiant VG f

In our quest to eventually cover all of the many generations of Chrysler’s Australian Valiants, Bryce has shot and posted a VG model four door sedan, looking like it’s still very much a “runner,” in the true sense of the word. Oversize wheels and fat tires, a slightly lowered stance, and of course that parallel-universe front and rear end; the Valiant you would encounter in your dreams, right down to the rather odd little slotted turn signal lights.

Chrysler AUS Valiant VG eng

The big news with the VG Valiant, which appeared in the fall of 1969, was the all-new “Hemi-6” engine. Originally designed in Detroit to replace the slant six in trucks, that project was shelved and the new six was sent to Australia, where it was developed into a formidable and durable performer. This one has the two-barrel 245 CID version, which was rated at either 185 or 195 hp. Option E34 brought a four-barrel carb and other goodies for 235 hp. Later 265 CID versions were rated as 302 hp.

It was a hemi in name only, as it did not have true hemispheric combustion chambers. Our full story on the Hemi-6 is here.

Chrysler AUS Valiant VG r

Now about those rear tail lights…