Cohort Sighting: CitiCar and CountriCar

Citicar commutacar

This is a car I’ve been hoping to find in Eugene, since there have been EVs running around here since the first energy crisis. There was one in a driveway, along with three other dead old vintage EVs, a Renault R10 and Cadillac conversions, but they were finally hauled off before I started CCing. The CitiCar was of course  a product of the first energy crisis, arriving in 1974 as essentially a street-able golf cart, with 2.5 hp and six 6-volt batteries.

Citicar fr

Technically, this is actually a later version, called the Commuta-Car, built between 1977 and 1982, and used the 6 hp motor and 48 volt battery pack of the later CitiCar. It had a top speed of 35-38 mph, and a maximum range of 40 miles. And its most visible addition was a set of bumpers the likes of which have never quite been seen again. And its contrast to the gas-swilling chrome-bedecked dinosaur behind it makes for a great shot, although ideally it would have shown the ’57 Oldsmobile in its full length. Shot and posted at the Cohort by Sam Perkinson.