Cohort Sighting: Citroen HY Truck – My Latest Heartthrob

Citroen HY truck side

Here’s the deal: I’ll drive my beloved old F-100 to The Gambia and donate to charity there, IF I can find one of these in France to take home as a replacement for it. Seriously 😉 

Citroen HY truck fr

Trabantusa found and posted this very rare (in the US anyway) HY truck, at what appears to be a Citroen specialist shop, in east Philadelphia.

Citroen H truck r

I’ve been complaining forever about pickup beds being too high, and getting more so with time. Here’s the ultimate in a low bed (can’t even see it), thanks to the Citroen’s front wheel drive. Yes , a Corvair Rampside would a nice alternative–and a long desired one–but the ‘Vair doesn’t have a continuous flat bed all the way back, thanks to that pesky rear engine. FWD to the rescue.

Citroen HY truck int

It’s even got some modern seats to make the ride to the lumberyard or dump more comfortable than the old park bench in my Ford. And the wiper motor would be easy to replace if it ever craps out, eh?

Citroen HY truck side

So how hard can it be to find one?