Cohort Sighting: Datsun 2400 Super Six – A Glorious Nissan Cedric By Any Other Name

Dastun 2800 six

John875 posted this at the Cohort, and according to him, it’s a Datsun 2800 Super Six. I’d like to take his word on that, but all the info out there seems to say that this generation of the Nissan Cedric (130) came in 2300 or 2400 versions, based on the six cylinder displacement. And given their vintage (1965-1971), that was well before the 2800cc version of the L-family six appeared. But its a fine find; and not one I’ll ever meet on the streets here, as they weren’t sold in the US.

A nice looking car for the times, which can be explained by the fact that it was designed by Pininfarina, who also had the contract for several other Nissan cars at the time, including the 411. Now that’s something I have found…