Cohort Outtake: Dodge L700 Tilt Cab – The Big-Boy A100

Dodge L600 7000 f

(first posted 3/15/2014)    Triborough has found a truck I’ve been keeping an eye out for way too long: A Dodge L700 tilt cab medium duty with the cab borrowed from the A100 van/pickup. Ford had their immensely popular C-Series, and Chevrolet had a very similar tilt-cab truck, but Dodge obviously couldn’t afford to compete with a cab designed specifically for the job, so they improvised. And the results looks just that.

Dodge L700 side

It’s a nice enough looking truck, and rather European at that. Built between 1966-1971, sales of the L600 and L700 had to be very modest, because at the time I remember being aware of how uncommon they were. Engine choices started with the “Premium” 225 slant six, 318, 361 and 413 gasoline V8s, and a Cummins V8 diesel with 185 hp.

Dodge L 700 side

Uh oh; this one is still sitting on a Dodge dealer’s lot. Did it never sell?