Cohort Sighting: Fiat 850 Coupe–Love Italian Style, On The Cheap

Fiat 850 coupe

I promise that a full Fiat 850 CC is coming soon. I have pictures of both the Spider and the sedan, but haven’t encountered a Coupe in the wild, yet. But steve_t509 has, somewhere in California. No big surprise there, as these little buzz-bombs weren’t exactly very rust-resistant. As it is, this one is showing some signs of skin cancer. But it’s still on the road, and if you ever see one of these in traffic, it practically disappears, given how tiny they are.

Fiat 850 coupe int

The 850 Coupe was the cheapest way to experience the Italian sporty car mystique. All the proper mini-Ferrari cues were accounted for: proper two-dial dash nacelle with giant tachometer, Nardi-style steering wheel, “wood” applique on the dash, pleather pleated buckets, and a screaming little engine barely an arms-length away that begged to be caned with the crisp floor shifter. Love Italian Style, on a serious budget.

Fiat 850 coupe rust

Yes, some rust is almost inevitable, even in sunny California. Nothing to serious, from the looks of it. Just needs some love, American style.

Fiat 850 coupe fr