Cohort Sighting: Ford Falcon XP Wagon – Shorter Than The American Version, Among Other Things

Ford AUS Falcon XP fr

(first posted 8/31/2013)    Bryce, our intrepid man in New Zealand, has uploaded a raft of shots at the CC Cohort. So many to chose from, so little time…  But this Falcon XP wagon caught my eye, as Australian Falcons usually do, with their parallel universe styling. Looks more like an early Comet. But what’s really different is at the other end:

Ford AUS Falcon XP r

Now that may look like an American Falcon’s tail feathers, but it’s different in every detail, as well as the way the tail lights are located and integrated. Well, more than that even; the Australian Falcon wagon had a shorter rear overhang, as there was concern about it getting hung up on the rough outback roads.

Ford AUS Falcon XP wagon rotate-vert

Here’s a profile shot of an XP wagon (top), along with an American ’62 Falcon wagon. The difference isn’t huge, but quite apparent enough. The Australian Falcon also has a higher ride height, thanks to the beefing up of its suspension starting in 1962, when it got the heavier suspension components from the American Fairlane. Don’t even get Bryce started about the original Falcon’s underpinnings…rubbish!  BTW, the XP was built during 1965 and 1966.

Ford AUS Falcon XP emblemBryce, so what engine does this XP wagon have? I see what looks like a V8 emblem on its front fender, but the XP didn’t come with the V8 yet, right?