Cohort Sighting: GAZ-24 Volga – Pushing The Limits of Immortality

GAZ Volga gray

We don’t get a a lot of curbside shots from Russia, so let’s give this tired old GAZ-24 Volga a little CC love. LDeren posted it, noting that it was shot in May 2014. Robert Kim did an in-depth history on the Volga a bout a year ago, and he titled it “The Near Immortal GM B-Body of Russia”. Well, this does rather look a bit comparable to some of the tired B-Bodies I’ve seen around my neck of the woods, battered but still rolling. He also shot its predecessor on the streets, but in much better shape:

GAZ Volga brown tan LDeren

This is a GAZ-21, which was the first to carry the “Volga” name, and is to Russians of a certain age what a ’55-’57 Chevy is to Americans. There was even a V8 version, built especially for the KGB, using a 5.5 V8 from the much larger Chaika. It was fast, but a heavy understeerer. We covered the GAZ-21 here.