Cohort Sighting: Guess What This Is

Ford AUS Falcon panel snip

This is a clue, but the answer is there right after the jump. And why did I turn it into a clue? Because it’s a car I’ve never seen before, and I sure wouldn’t be able to guess it. Hint: this is a passenger-car based vehicle.

Ford AUS Falcon Panel van

Here it is, a Ford Falcon panel van, posted at the Cohort by Davo. He says it’s an EF, from 1994-1995. That thing got a FEMI?

I knew there were panel van derivatives of the Australian utes, but not so recently. How are these typically used? Just as a ute with a permanent cover, or actually in commercial use like panel vans of yore? That’s hard to imagine. But then it is a parallel universe down there.