Cohort Sighting: Homebuilt Humvee – Meditate On This

Humvee homemade fq

John Honnibal found something a bit out of the ordinary sitting at the curb in Hartcliffe, Bristol, England. It’s a homebuilt Humvee, obviously. And not surprisingly, it appears to be VW based. Or has someone made a Humvee kit for for a VW? Just about everything else has been made into one to fit a VW chassis.

The signage on the windshield caught my eye; if you’ve ever learned Transcendental Meditation™, it’ll be familiar. Well, for that matter, if you’ve ever heard “Across The Universe” by the Beatles, then you’ll also recognize it, since that song was written by John Lennon during their fling with TM. Let’s get back to meditating on the Humvee.

Humvee homemade s

If it is VW based, one could see it as an update on the WW2 VW Kübelwagen, fully enclosed and armored. Of course, if it were real armor plate, the VW chassis would have been terribly overloaded, especially as the Kübelwagen had all of 25 hp.

Humvee homemade r

The VW logo on the back tends to reinforce the premise of its underpinnings. Humvee…that sounds like it would make a good mantra. I’ll have to give it a go….humvee……humvee………..humvee……………