Cohort Sighting: Mystery Car Revealed: Alvis TD 21 – Now With More Pictures And Info

splateagle just posted this at the Cohort, and wonders what it is. I recognize it, but won’t spoil the fun for you.

Update: Since we’ve had two correct answers, let’s take a look at this handsome Alvis.

Alvis, another one of so many small British firms that failed to survive the huge changes in the market in the sixties. But for about ten years, from 1955 until the end in 1967, Alvis built a series of very handsome coach-built coupes and convertibles. Based on the design of a few coachbuilt Alvis by the Swiss firm Graber, but mostly built by H.J. Mulliner and Park-Ward, these 3 Liter cars were way too expensive to compete in a modern market.

Costing twice (or more) what a nice Jaguar went for, the Alvis appealed to a tiny slice of the quickly shrinking pool of upper-crust UK buyers. Alvis was actually absorbed by Rover in 1965, and plans were afoot for a Rover-V8 powered version, but it all came to naught.