Cohort Capsule: 1965 Mercury Econoline Pickup – Canadian Unicorn


Canadian market oddities are a popular topic here at Curbside Classic, and we cover them every now and again.  Just last week, we brought you the Pontiac Laurentian, with Chevy-based, narrow track mechanicals hiding beneath spiffy bodywork.  And there is, of course, a parade of Plodges in our archives, most recently, a ’61 Dart Seneca.  This Econoline truck, however, is even less differentiated than either of those; not really a marketing exercise as much as a bygone way of bringing Ford’s heavier-duty vehicles to rural locales with only a Mercury dealer (Canada is generally more sparsely populated, remember), the Mercury Econoline wasn’t intended to convey additional prestige over the more common Ford.


Having explained this story before, however, it seems appropriate to share Nifty43’s recent upload.  As much as we’ve discussed Mercury’s Canadian presence, their small van and truck duo hasn’t gotten the expected visual representation.  Thankfully, we can now attach a face to Mercury Econoline name, and it’s the same cute mug expected when the original Falcon-related (not quite Falcon-based) utility vehicle is mentioned, though the deletion of the wrap around rear quarter windows is unfortunate.  Seats aside, this example is fully representative of the first Econoline’s honest charm and as the original trucklet wasn’t the hottest seller (compared to the van variant), this Mercury must be especially uncommon.  Whoever had the vision to preserve and restore it is to be commended.


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