Cohort Sighting: Mitsubishi 4×4 Van – Ready For The Outback

Mitsubishi van fq Dave

The Cohort has gone vanning too, with a couple of interesting finds. Davo shot this Mitsubishi Express 4×4, all outfitted for some serious outback traveling (this is in Brisbane, AUS), with a serious bull/roo bar. We got a variation of this van in the US, but it wasn’t 4×4, and its protruding five mph bumpers were more suitable for parking lot bashes than kangaroos (CC here).

Mitsubishi van rq

My brother went to Australia a few years back, and bought himself a similar older van for peanuts, although I can’t remember the exact brand. He made a few minor repairs, and traveled all over the continent with it, and sold it for more than he paid for it. And the folks he bought it from had done the same thing, as well as the ones he sold it to. Passing it along, for another tour of Australia.