Cohort Sighting: Now That’s A Classy Food Cart

RR ice cream truck

In my part of the world, food trucks are made out of old step vans and such. I’m not sure exactly where SwissTea shot this, but it looks most likely to be in the Rolls Royce’s home country of Great Britain. Tasty. It rather reminds me of a RR station wagon I posted here in the early days; I’ll share it again.

Rolls 1931 .jpg (courtesy hemmings blog)

This superb 1931 Rolls Royce station wagon once ferried passengers from the train station to the Schweizerhof Hotel in Interlaken during the fifties. Yes, that’s how the station wagon got its name, but you already knew that. What did it do before the fifties? It was originally a fashionable Sedanca bodied by Barker. Classics were often rebodied, but this is a bit out of the ordinary.