Cohort Sighting: Panhard Dyna Z – The Lowest Priced Six Passenger Car In France!


Sound familiar? Well, we have covered the K-car twice this week, so here’s a Panhard Dyna to relieve the monotony. Never mind both cars were made to carry six passengers around with maximum efficiency. 


C.107 had posted this to the Cohort some time ago, and I saved the pictures to my desktop because it just looks so good in its solid cobalt blue.  Given the odd parallel with the K-car, now is the perfect time to post it.


With its all aluminum body panels (initially) and a Cd of .26 (!), Panhard was quite a bit more ambitious when it came to getting the most out of expensive gasoline. Its body structure, including doors, weighed a mere 202 lbs. Shipping weight was listed at 1386 lbs (628 kg). Its 850 cc air-cooled boxer twin made 42 hp, which gave an 80 mph (130 km/h) top speed and 33 mpg (7 L/100km).


The car’s undeniably cute face somewhat unfortunately belies the very serious approach to its engineering, but at 180 inches long and sixty-six inches wide, these weren’t exactly small. In fact, the Dyna Z was actually four inches longer than the K-Car, but two inches narrower.

I’m not so sure I would want to ride in the middle of the front bench seat on a hot Marseille afternoon, but if I were to do so, I’d be certain to dress more appropriately than all the yokels in their Renault 4s.


Panhard History here