CC Outtake: Bus With Penthouse Chicken Coop – Not All Who Wander Are Lost

CC 222 086 1200

Converted school buses are a common sight in and around Eugene. Perhaps they come to Eugene to pay tribute to the grandaddy of the genre, Ken Kesey’s Further. Or maybe just because of the tolerant, laid-back atmosphere. In any case, seeing buses parked around town with signs of life is hardly worth pulling out the camera anymore. Except when one hears a chicken clucking in the penthouse coop.

CC 222 089 1200

There she is, scratching and pecking in her straw bedding. So does here coop have a provision for her daily egg to automatically come sliding down into the kitchen via a chute?

CC 222 086 950

In addition to the coop, there’s a few other things up there. Looks like a big water barrel with a hose coming down into the kitchen. A wheelbarrow, bikes,; is there a rooftop garden too?

CC 222 091 950

Just in case you’re wondering: They’re not lost.