Cohort Sighting: Peugeot 504 4×4 By Dangel (And Dangel 4×4 Pickup Camper)

(first posted 9/8/2012)     It’s one of my dream cars too; or it was, once upon a time. I’ve gotten offroading pretty much out of my system now. But this baby will go anywhere, and these were designed specifically for the wilds of Africa, where Peugeots were once very dominant.  CC Cohort Hugo 90 spotted this one in Madagascar, a few years back. Dangel originally converted 504s for the French military and Gendarmarie, and developed a legendary reputation. And yes, this is how they were built, not jacked up by some kid. Probably one of the best-riding 4x4s ever.

Peugeot 504 usted-sabe-que-uno-quiere

The only thing that could top the Dangel wagon in my eyes is this Dangel 4×4 pickup with camper. It’s got everything I once wanted all in one vehicle: Turbo-diesel; 4×4; camper; and a Peugeot to boot.  This is like having my cake and eating it too.